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I got a new look!

We are back from the beach and since then we got to hang out with some of our best friends from Boston for the day on Wednesday, Thursday I had a second round of injections, Friday the kids and I spent the night at Nanna’s so we could swim, and now it’s Saturday.

I have been wanting to write a worthy post but my brain is asleep lately! I am sooo tired! And the injections put me in worse pain, so I am waiting for that to wear off.

But, I do have something exciting to share…well, it’s exciting to me! I got a blog makeover! I love my new look! However, I am moving again, back to www.veryunfinishedproduct.blogspot.com.

Check it out! It’s very pretty! The girls from blogalicious designs did a great job! Thank you Staci and Stephanie.

My title has a few meanings to it, one of them being that my blog started very white and plain. I wanted to write, but didn’t have the time to “make it pretty” first. Hence the name, Very Unfinished Product. I have changed it now to Unfinished Product because it’s so pretty now, complete with a blogroll and links! Also, if you read the scripture in my header, you will see that the title also refers to the work God is doing in us on a regular basis.

Pictures from the beach to come soon, when I have the energy to plug my camera into my computer!

It was a great getaway. Thank you to those of you who prayed for me to feel good while we were there. Your prayers were answered. My pain was still there, but it wasn’t as intense and I really, really enjoyed the great weather and the water! I couldn’t believe how weak I am. It’s amazing how much muscle you lose when you are unable to do just normal, everyday things. I got online last night and bought me some yoga stuff so I can try to strengthen my arms and upper body.  I am already doing things on a regular basis for my hips, legs, back, etc, but it’s more like trying to get my joints to hold themselves in place and it relieves some of the pain. I don’t think it is strengthening me much.

Anyways, he kids also had a blast. And although we were there for two nights, it felt so much longer. It was just fantastic! Also, my pallet in the van helped the car ride tremendously! Thank you Jason for taking a seat out of the van and for letting me lay down for the drive!

We are so tired friends. We are so tired of this burden. It is so hard to be in pain all of the time. It effects everything and we are just so tired. Please pray for renewed strength for us and that my body will be healed soon. I want so bad to be able to do things that I used to be able to do.

Alright, now go check out my pretty new blog, please!




Guess where we are going????

The beach!!! Yesterday the boys and I were bored so we went to Jason and our conversation went something like this…

“Daddy, we’re bored.”

“Well, let’s go to the beach.”


“Let’s go to the beach.”

“Are you serious?”

“Yes. What are you standing there for? Go pack your bags, let’s go to the beach!”

And then the boys and I ran around the house excitedly screaming and yelling!! With an occasional, “is he serious??” Well, he was!

It turned out there were no rooms open for that night, but we booked a room for Sunday-Tuesday! Our bags are packed and we have been so restless today, anxious to go! So tomorrow morning, I am sure Dylan will wake us up at some crazy hour and we will hit the road!! Yay! I love the beach!

Thank you Jason for being a special treater!! Your the best!

And of course, I will post pictures when we get back!!!!!!!!

Father’s Day

Yesterday was our third preview service and we did a BBQ at the clubhouse where Marty and Lori live. The service was great, Marty taught a great, encouraging message for dad’s, that was applicable to all. The BBQ was great, we had ribeyes! The kids fished, rode on the golf cart, and played in the sand. Marty taught golf lessons and it was a beautiful day.
Satan was at work too though. I just cannot believe him and the lengths that He is going to to make this too overwhelming for our family. I woke up in excruciating pain. It was like someone was stabbing me in the abdomen over and over. It was almost humorous that it was happening THE morning of a big day for The Crossing. I called my doctor’s answering service and took some pain meds to get the pain under control and literally felt like crawling up in a ball on my bed. I also was really concerned that I was going to pass out. So I called my mom and asked her to come over. The pain meds quickly started to do their job and I decided that I should take a shower. Hey, I would either have clean hair for church or for the hospital. That is seriously the thought that went through my mind. I didn’t want to waste time if the pain went away and my doc told me not to go to the ER because I didn’t want to be late for church. But at the same time, I was waiting for the return call where he would tell me what to do. The pain changed into a dull, tolerable pain and the on-call doc told me to call my doc in the morning and that there was no need to go to the ER unless I started to get dizzy. It was scary. (I was also bleeding a lot and though I might be on the verge of hemorrhaging again. So. Not. Fun.)
But God showed up, helped me get through the pain and I was able to make it to The Crossing and the BBQ. My sweet mom helped me so much and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without her. Also, my sweet sister came over and made the kids breakfast. Thanks Shauna. What would I do without my family?

I think I was THE happiest person to be at church bc of the lenghts it took to get there. Thank you Lord.
So, here are some pictures! The boys both caught their first fish! Thanks Dude, Jeff, and Pop!

Much Love,
Oh, by the way, my pain is not near as bad today. Well, it’s the normal bad, not the ” I am going to pass out bad.” Geez Louise.

edited to add…We had 3 baptism’s!! I left the BBQ a little early and didn’t get to be there. By the time Jason got home Sunday evening, we were both so tired that we just went through the motions and didn’t talk much. It wasn’t until today that I found out about it! How Cool! The Crossing’s first 3 baptism’s!

Steel Magnolias

This scene made me cry buckets last night. I just had to give my girlfriends a blast from the past. Such a great, real scene.

Sarah is seven months!

tiny, soft, feet

rolly, polly arms


happy girl

pretty eyes

pretty smile

“you’re getting pretty close with that camera mom…”

” I think I am going to grab it…”

“what? why can’t I hold it?”

“this grass feels so soft. I like it. but what’s that smell?” “that would be dog and cat poop.” “but we don’t have animals.” “I know, trust me, I know.”

And this one I took just for me. My husband did an amazing job when he picked out my ring. I love it so much, it still makes me smile when I look at it. Thank you Jason!

These are the moments…

“Hey Dylan, will you feed Sarah for me please while I do a couple of things?”

Look Who’s Talking Too

I watched Look Who’s Talking Too today. Cute movie. However, their marital problems  were so blazingly obvious, I felt like I could help them in a 5 minute counseling session! (If only it were that easy!)

  1. John Travolta is content with his job, but Kristy however, is not. In an attempt to “help” him, she asks her mom and dad to call in a favor and get him a better job.  Now they are in debt to the parents, ( the mom makes clearly known), and when John tells Kristy that the whole thing makes him feel like less of a man,(in other words), and that he doesn’t want the job, she…
  2. uses crying as a way to manipulate him into agreeing with her!!
  3. John and the little boy, Mickey, have made a decision about that particular nights bedtime. Kristy comes in and completely undermines him by telling Mickey he must go to bed and she doesn’t care what John and him already agreed on. When John explains to her that the decision had been made, she ignores him and makes him look like he has no authority whatsoever to the kid. Obviously, this ticks John off!
  4. Kristy lets her little brother(mid-twenties) move in and live on their couch! John is unhappy with this from the start, but he really gets annoyed, (like most people would), with all the things the brother does around the house. ie. leaving one sip of milk left in the container, borrowing John’s clothes, carrying a gun, etc.  Kristy completely disregards Johns wishes and refuses to kick the brother out, (who is a capable, grown man) . Ouch!
  5. Kristy gets all dressed up in seductive clothing when she realizes she wants John back (oh yeah, he got tired of it all and left), and tries to talk to him, but she gets frustrated when all he can focus on is her cleavage! She calls him a dog or something like that! Really, what do you expect from a man who loves you when you are dressed like that??
  6. They play the “I will take credit for everything,  and always try to one-up you game.” There is a fire in the kitchen and their conversation goes a little something like this.. “good thing I bought a fire hydrant.” “I bought the fire hydrant.” “No, I did, you told me I was being overly cautious.” “Well, who left the kids with your brother anyways?” Oh geez, pride, pride, pride…it’s ugly! Enough already!

As I was watching the movie, I couldn’t help but wonder if the producer was making all of these things so obvious on purpose, or if that’s really just the way a lot of marriages are??

What are some ways that you are guilty of doing things like the above? I know that I have been a little too quick to disagree with Jason about the kids lately in front of them.

What is one thing you can do to commit to building up your marriage instead of tearing it down?  I am going to look for ways to trust Jason instead of thinking I know best.

Disclaimer. I am not saying it is bad to work for your in-laws. Or to live with them. Or to cry. Or to disagree about parenting. Every example above is specific to the movie. What I am saying is that our motives and approach matters. Continue reading